Happy new year!

It feels like my year is only just beginning, at the start of April. If I'm honest it seems to be a reoccurring situation, only first getting to grips with the new year increasingly towards its end. But, if so, at least I will take solace in the knowledge that this pattern will probably, eventually

The Best-Laid Plans…

So, a fair few of you have asked: "What exactly were those exciting plans you were going to unveil in March?" Well... By the time March rolled around, I was neck deep in projects and visa renewal bureaucracy, the last of which wound up about half an hour before I flew out to Egypt for

CatchImpact: The Impact Hub Edition

CatchImpact is taking a break from its usual format... To deliver you even more impact. Normally, this blog within a blog (cue inception foghorn) is dedicated to interviews which shed light on fascinating projects and people seeking to bring positive change to the world. These stories normally pop into existence when I meet someone working to

365 Days of Chaos in 13 Photos

As one could probably expect, my 2017 ambitions to only do work with positive impact, learn French, pay off my student loan, develop new communication skills, and and and and led to chaotic times. Especially when life had other plans. It goes without saying that my resolution to stay put failed, given that the year was

CatchImpact: Zapzapmath

The vast mass of entrepreneurial energy at last week’s Web Summit in Lisbon was distraction embodied: Robots, keynote speakers and spotlit stalls clamoured for the attention of the thousands of attendees who were otherwise glued to their screens by the all-knowing conference app. Despite the competition, chance happened to bring our small Berlin crew into

CatchImpact — Saturá Bar

"Save Beer, Save the Planet!" reads like a t-shirt you may buy for a beery beloved, but as I sat in Friedrichshain, sampling a special lager spiked with the sour Berliner Weisse beer, it began to make more sense. My bar stool belonged to Saturá Bar, a pop-up social enterprise which existed last week for the Berlin

Brand Storytelling Projects

As a brand storytelling consultant, I help impact-focused companies, organisations and individuals communicate the change they bring the world. Here is a small handful of the projects I've recently worked on, by myself or with the K-Tiv freelance collective: Better Together Award The Better Together Award is an international competition seeking out collaborative innovations solving

CatchImpact — Fashion for Good

Ever felt dismayed by clothes or shoes that fell apart after being worn for a few months? Like most of us, I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt. But recently, after requiring premature repairs on yet another pair of pants, I started properly questioning the clothing industry I'd taken for granted -- finding a