Summer Article Roundup

It seems that many of you rather enjoyed the low-carbon Berlin to Lisbon travel adventures, which I shared several weeks back. So, on that note, here's a wee summer reading list of some other 'recently'-published articles of mine. Although not so recent, this questions behind this article on the tourism/climate change catch-22 are what led me

The lost weeks of Lisbon

Three weeks have somehow passed since I arrived in Lisbon; time which I can only assume simply evaporated in the indescribable light that illuminates this city. I've not forgotten. There was work, room-hunting, drinking moonshine cherry schnapps from the old lady selling it out of her window, wandering the streets, riding its ferries and buses,

The untold stories of winter

  It's time to tell the untold stories of winter. Stories at risk of being lost to spring sensations like fragrant breezes across the face, or the flat-out denial of winter that will come when the weather turns to absolute rubbish again. -- -- -- Silvester (NYE). Berlin is known for its wild new year's