The Barcelona Score Card.

Day Seven: The wind gusts rocking the aeroplane gave myriad alarming perspectives of a squally, green and gray Berlin. Despite relief at safely landing, the contrast to seven days spent in sun-baked Barcelona is a bit depressing. This was a special trip, as I was last in the Catalonian capital almost three years ago, sleeping

Down the freelance rabbit hole

Time flies when you're working as a freelancer. In one year, you can go from the first, intimidating prospects of remote work with people you've never met, to a summer spent indoors sweating to conjure up stacks of copywriting and contracts; celebrate visa renewal with simultaneous work and travel, and then end up in an incredible co-working

Season of change

I've already been back in Berlin for two weeks and it's irrefuteably a city of change. Much is different after the month I spent travelling through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Germany's Indian summer is showing signs of finally coming to an end. Christmas market stalls and festive snacks are surfacing, the one-twelth of a

Blat through the Baltics: Riga

One further week, and one further Baltic country. This time, the minibus rattled along roads in northern Lithuania, past fields where farmers had erected stork-nesting platforms in hope of attracting the fortune-associated birds, and pulled up in Riga amid unseasonable sunshine. Latvia, the brother-in-arms of Lithuania and likewise home of one of the oldest surviving

Blat through the Baltics: Warsaw

It all started last Monday at the Ausländerbehörde. At approximately 7.30am, in exchange for a stack of meticulously-prepared paperwork, I received something I had long coveted: A two-year freelance working visa extension. This led me to where I am now, writing this post while sitting in the front row of a double-decker Polskibus, just about