Things that no longer surprise.

After more than three years living in Europe, it's happened. Things that would quite easily have turned my head when I first arrived, now simply fail to surprise me. Fill me with wonder, sadness, confusion, admiration and falafel, yes; but surprise, no. I guess an incident on Thursday got me thinking about this: Waiting for

The Second Berlinniversary.

"What in the name of 'Hoff is a Berlinniversary?", I hear you ask. It's a milestone I am truly happy to have been able to reach. Berlin leaves many traps for unwary newcomers, many of whom leave brokenhearted. Those, who caught up in the city's myriad distractions, 'forget' to work and go home broke, those

On Britain and family

Britain, Britain, Britain. My thoughts on visiting the country of our colonial forefathers are still mixed. Given all of the opportunities to travel anywhere in the world, why would a New Zealander choose to head there, a land with a very similar culture, but higher expenses, stodgier food and 'orrible weather? Nevertheless, there I stood

Responsible Travel? What the…?

To some, the idea of responsible travel is an oxymoron. Travel requires energy, mass travel requires mass energy, mass energy is currently  produced unsustainably. The world would be a sad place if, in the name of travelling sustainably, we must simply daydream from our armchairs. To promote this would also be madness: who would listen?

The Taipei Stopover

Despite having visited Taipei on the to-and-fro of my 2014/2015 Christmas trip to New Zealand, the nature of print media means the travel feature I wrote back then has only just now been published. I managed to break up the long haul Frankfurt-Auckland flights with two, day-long stopovers to explore the sights and tastes of

Good Things Come in Threes

At the risk of sounding like a corporate engagement fanatic, I believe a good milestone is grounds to celebrate. Things have been rather busy since a particular milestone I celebrated earlier this month, but the lack of any written material around this has not been due to a lack of excitement. Excitement at realising I've

The Amsterdamned

It's curious that my first visit back to the Netherlands in almost two years should begin in Amsterdam. My thoughts on the city were divided when I arrived on Friday. The city itself is undeniably gorgeous; all of those canals lined with golden age townhouses, tall and narrow, with their ornate facades ever-so-slightly leaning out

Sustaining the Travel Movement

Two things really struck me this week. The first was a mind-blowing fact which cropped up again and again when I attended the ITB travel trade show, the leading expo of its kind in the world. 2012 was the first year in which more than one billion tourists visited an international destination. Around a seventh