CatchImpact: The Impact Hub Edition
24 Apr 2018

CatchImpact: The Impact Hub Edition

CatchImpact is taking a break from its usual format…

To deliver you even more impact.

Normally, this blog within a blog (cue inception foghorn) is dedicated to interviews which shed light on fascinating projects and people seeking to bring positive change to the world.

These stories normally pop into existence when I meet someone working to tackle an issue in a way that simply begs to be talked about:

Edible parks, maths gamification, ethical fashionGhana’s coding heroines — you get the drill.

But, this time, I want to share something much much bigger and far-reaching.

This is a hefty project I was working on between October and March, and one of a few reasons why this blog has been quiet of late.

And today it’s finally gone live.

Impact Report 2018

The Impact Report 2018 was a fascinating collaboration between our Impact Hub Berlin-based collective of creative professionals, K-Tiv, and the communications team of the Impact Hub Global network. This globally-connected network of 100+ purpose-driven innovation ecosystems has never had the chance to tell the full story of the impact it’s had in enabling entrepreneurs with social and environmental goals.

Until now.

Impact Report 2018 (CREDIT: IMPACT HUB)

Alongside my graphic design and journalist colleagues, I worked with the comms team (as well as Impact Hub members and executive staff) in uncovering inspiring stories of change, piecing together a founding story spanning 13 years, setting these stories within a cohesive narrative, and editing the report to completion.

As anyone who’s ever created a film, newspaper, photo reportage or…  a report will know, the final version the public sees is only a minuscule part of the work that went into it. And this report only scratches the surface of the wonderful wealth of stories there are to tell about what the Impact Hub network is doing.

Some of these, they also share on their Impact Stories Blog, which I also occasionally contribute to!

Anyway, without any further ado, here is the link.

Get stuck in, share it around, and, naturally, feel free to contact our creative collective if your organisation may need something similar!

About the Author:Joe Dodgshun

Brand storytelling consultant creating stories to scale solutions in social enterprise, cleantech, climate action & responsible travel. What's your story?

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