I’m really quite happy with how 2017 kicked off.

A shambolically spontaneous adventure in Golden Bay, New Zealand. One which involved a hitchhiker, glowworms, surprise meetings, Manuka beer and a mission to get one American to their choppy ferry ride.

Back in Berlin, I’m very happy to report that well over a month and a half later, my year has actually begun.

I’m in no way complaining about wonderful times with friends and family, finding inspiration in the entrepreneurs nurturing an emerging startup and social entrepreneurship scene in New Zealand, being able to work along the way and having the chance to immerse myself in the otherworldly landscapes of Zealandia.

This was lovely (and I have photos to prove it).


Dawn surfers at Wainui Beach

I’m just excited to be back and *ready* to let loose a flood of creative energy that’s at bursting point.

*After a fortnight of being sick, dealing with 3.5 months of life admin and chasing deadlines*

After catching up with a hiss and a roar, I have big plans for the ten-ish remaining months.

To start; only doing work that has positive impact, or will help further develop my skill sets to enable more of this.

In 2016, my journalism portfolio already swelled with stories sharing the good work of today’s change-makers.

That’ll continue in 2017, in addition to innovation communication work to help inspiring individuals and companies better tell their stories.

As well as learning French or a programming language now that my German is pretty sound.

And striving to remain present and largely in Berlin after a joyful but overly hectic year that took in 15 countries.

We’ll see how that one works out.

In the meantime, sit back, check out some Kiwiland photos and watch this space.
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Sunrise over Wainui Beach, Gisborne


Beech forest on the Lake Sylvan Track, close to Glenorchy and Paradise


A dog named Tui works off Christmas lunch in the Clyde River


Nugget Point, The Catlins


From the heart of the Cathedral Caves, The Catlins


The upper section of McLean’s Falls, The Catlins


Mt Sefton, Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park


The Hooker Valley and Aoraki/Mt Cook