Outside, the wind is whipping leaves past the window in damp and frenzied flight as I write.

Or so I imagine; I can’t see so much on account of the clocks being turned back for winter.

But I really don’t mind the nights closing in. The summer had its fun, no matter how soon we may lament its passing and in its place lies space to breathe, cosy evenings and the not-so-far-away aroma of glühwein.

That and there has been far too much happening for me to bother about Europe’s periodical tilt away from the sun.

My search for a long-term room in Berlin comically coincided with the arrival of thousands of students for the new university semester. Hours on WG (flat) listings and strange apartment castings ensued, but after two months I am now soon to be housed.

Among the many reasons this makes me happy (it is also my first proper room in a year and a half), is that it’s less than 10 minutes bike to where I have been working for the past month; an online language teaching Start-up called Lingoda.

The concept is great – native German and English speakers teaching online through video connections – and being involved with its development and implementation is something my linguistics student self couldn’t have dreamed of.

And next? Well, my old flatmate’s choir will be performing at the end of next month (and me with it, unless they kick me out in the name of quality control) and I will start bouldering/rock climbing once I’m no longer  commuting by bike for over an hour.

Then comes the first snow, festive goodies, Christmas markets and something I am incredibly excited about – my first ever trip to Switzerland. I am still working the logistics out, but the idea is that I will first head to Zurich to see my beloved engineer buddies before ascending to 1650m above sea level to spend Christmas with family in the alpine village of Mürren.

So, I’m quite okay with autumn. Green to gold, warm to cold and all that is fine by me now that my winter clothes have arrived from the Netherlands and I can explore my first big city, safe in the knowledge that  “I am finally living in Berlin”.

*Cheese alert* The skies are cloudy tonight, but, if I had to guess, I’d say my stars have aligned.