It feels like my year is only just beginning, at the start of April.

If I’m honest it seems to be a reoccurring situation, only first getting to grips with the new year increasingly towards its end. But, if so, at least I will take solace in the knowledge that this pattern will probably, eventually generate a year so chaotic that I finally only catch up with it in December — and thus finally start anew in January.

But enough of the blather.

Last year I was on the verge of writing about the big changes on my horizon. Of course, this never happened as I was far too busy ‘doing’ to get around to writing.

Aside from my biennial New Zealand trip (working remotely, with Kiwi, Singapore and Hongkong breaks), new health challenges and more rollercoaster episodes than you can shake a stick at (but really, who shakes sticks?), I finally achieved the combination of work that I’ve wanted for quite some time now.

Happy New Year from Cluj Napoca, Transylvania, Romania

I’m working as a brand storyteller, journalist and editor, creating stories to scale existing solutions that our world needs today.

Right now, that means:

~ accelerating the transition to clean technologies with Life Size Media by providing PR, branding and research support
~ promoting digital innovation for sustainable and inclusive development with the GIZ-implemented Make-IT in Africa programme (editorial consultancy)
~ amplifying the voice of people & planet-friendly projects with K-Tiv collective (brand storytelling)
~ considering new solutions journalism articles that can put a spotlight on impactful approaches that need to be spread and supported

And that’s really enough for now.

There is, of course, plenty more happening in the ‘Project Management: Life’ department. However, my plan for the near future is to deliver the best value I can in each of these areas, not overstep my limits, respect my health, and appreciate and improve on what I already have in front of me in all areas of life.

So, a happy new year to you! Where has 2019 taken you, so far?

2019 — an exciting road ahead (here, a beautiful Swiss mountain road)