Innovation Communications Projects
31 Jul 2017

Innovation Communications Projects

The solutions journalism I’ve been working on is just one part of the story.

I’m increasingly using my media skills to also help impact brands and individuals communicate the change they bring to the world.

Here is a small handful of the innovation communications projects I’ve recently worked on:

Impact Report 2018

The Impact Report 2018 was a fascinating collaboration between our Impact Hub Berlin-based collective of creative professionals, K-Tiv, and the communications team of the Impact Hub Global network. This globally-connected network of 100+ purpose-driven innovation ecosystems has never had the chance to tell the full story of exactly what impact it’s had in enabling entrepreneurs with social and environmental goals. Until now.

Alongside my graphic design and journalist colleagues, I worked closely with their comms team (as well as selected Impact Hub members and executive staff) in uncovering inspiring stories of change, piecing together a founding story spanning 13 years, setting these and other stories within a cohesive narrative, and editing the report to completion.

You can read the full report here.

Impact Report 2018 (CREDIT: IMPACT HUB)

I’m supporting new NGO Your Public Value with their communications, strengthening their efforts to enable and accelerate dialogue between business and society, thus boosting society’s progress towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.  I’ve so far contributed as a freelance consultant on brand language use and social media strategy, in addition to providing editing and social media copywriting services.

Credit: Your Public Value


I was part of the founding team of the TEDxKreuzberg event, which aimed to share actionable inspiration through an evening of talks held in front of an audience in Berlin’s multifaceted, multicultural district of Kreuzberg. I took on the role of Head of Communications, leading the conceptual branding process and providing support, editorial oversight and guidance to the social media team before, during and after the event.

I continue to manage the TEDxKreuzberg social presence and look forward to expanding our communications beyond the limits placed by the short lead-time and audience capacity of our first event.


TEDxKreuzberg (Credit: Teodora Frenyo) 

This was an experimental innovation brokerage platform, designed to bring scientists with innovative research and ideas together with government and private sector groups with problems in need of solving.

For this, I interviewed featured scientists, writing profiles that succinctly highlighted the most relevant and engaging parts of their research, and helped to develop guidelines to help scientists to best communicate their own research to a general audience in writing their own profiles. (Credit: Valoriz) (Credit: Valoriz)


CatchImpact is the social entrepreneurship blog series which I feature every month on the BlogMercurial platform of this website. This storytelling project was one I began because I constantly come across fantastic, inspiring projects which are creating solutions to global issues — but experienced a strange lack of suitable and ready publications through which I could share such innovative ideas.

CatchImpact on BlogMercurial

CatchImpact on BlogMercurial

The blog posts are published in an easily-accessible Q&A interview format and cover a vast range of topics in social entrepreneurship, science & tech for good, and sustainable tourism. Once published, I spread the inspiration through my social media accounts and blog mailing list.

That’s all for now, but there’s plenty more happening behind the scenes. If you happen to need similar assistance on any projects, feel free to get in touch via my contact page.



About the Author:Joe Dodgshun

Berlin-based Kiwi writer in innovation communication. Inspired by social enterprise, science and tech for good, responsible travel and climate action. Sharing the inspiration through journalism and brand storytelling.

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  1. Keep it going Joe. The new world needs your inspiration aND action to make things happen. Keep the energy going and encouraging those worthwhile people a d businesses a d research. Max

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