Wake up, it’s summer.

The ability of life to rush by with alarming acceleration is hard to ignore.

Turn the calendar page again.

The dates on the pages remain empty, who actually has time to write on a calendar these days?

Actually, I’ll add a date now.

Mid-December 2014. Return to New Zealand for the first time, by then, for close to three years.  Can’t wait to meet…

Oh yeah. *Flips back to June*

My new nephew. Funny, I never gave two tosses about babies, but I think that’s changed.

Huh, midsommar has already passed.

It’s already that long since I was in Sweden? It was cool to see some of the Swedes in Berlin and a Scandinavian reprise would have been fun but instead this year I was on a float in a gay pride parade. Funny place for a straight fella but I’ve given up questioning how these things happen.

So that means…

Everyone’s just set up camp again at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. I hope for their sake it’s not a muddy year, but I’m jealous. I remember the freedom in the questionable Danish summer days, putting off making decisions until:


When I met that friendly Aussie in the hostel, who set me on the road, one way or another, to Berlin. I can’t have been working in a start-up for nine months, already? Shoot, July is…


What!? Wouldn’t believe I’d been here for almost a year were it not for the fact I now sleep talk in German.

But there’s still something missing.

Oh yeah, a new visa. Feel free to approve that soon guys, I’d feel bad if the small forest worth of paper I printed out went to waste. Summer – likewise, you’re welcome back at any time.

*Turn the page*newexposuresmall