Responsible Tourism:

Beauty Spots: Escaping the Too-Many-Tourists Trap, The Guardian

Divesting the Dark Side of Travel, TBD*/The Changer

Tourism Up in the Air: the Post-COP21 Growth Dilemma, The Otago Daily Times

Smaller Footprints — Ditching Flight for Overland Travel, The Otago Daily Times

Waylaid in Nomad Heaven — Chiang Mai With Impact, The Otago Daily Times

Authenticitys: Positive Tourism Potential Through Social Impact Tours, Ethos


Science & Technology:

 Concrete Solutions – Greening the Cement of Urban Existence, Technologist

 Life on the Front Line of Climate Change, Horizon

Circular Economy — a Boost for Growth, Technologist

The Link Between Health and Social Inequality, Horizon

Life in the Valleys of the Dead, The Press

Antarctic Team shows NZ’s edge, The New Zealand Herald

Making the Blue Greener, Technologist


Social Entrepreneurship:

Humanitarian Hackathons, Fab Labs, and Accelerators, Horizon

Save Beer, Save the Planet!, BlogMercurial

Giving Shirts and Seniors a Second Chance, Innovation Stories

Mission Hills: Playing Golf for a Better Environment, Tea after Twelve

Fashion for Good, BlogMercurial

Can Skilled Refugees be a Boon to the German Economy? Innovation Stories


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